We're the Strange Melizma - alternative/hard/stoner/progressive[Ohh..freaking genres!]-rock-band from Moscow, Russia.

We started our ascent in 2012 from the blues-rock deepness through the wild-west deserts filled by black smoke of flamed chopers. And for now – we’re somewhere in between the incoming alternative and hard-rock avalanche and the overwhelming orange floods of prog. rock, which sembioticly lights everyone up and knocks’em down to the prehistorical call of Southern.

"Very high technical level"
"Charisma and timbre of the singer’s voice reminded me of Joe Cocker"
Fabio Pirola, conductor of Saint Petersburg Philharmonia.

So, If you are a fan of tough-muscle brutal hurshed vocals, your heart and soul lives in 70s, but within your mind you realize that music always changes and improves – you’re in a right place and time.


Some facts
  • Over 40 concerts during five years including Yota space (Moscow).

  • "14 place in the top 20 Russian bands in 2017" – Emergenza

  • "Russian best bass guitar player in 2017" – Emergenza

"This is true rock-n-roll"
"Very great basist – groove master"
"The great show"
Julien Delpy, vice-president of Emergenza festival.


Our releases


  • The Road (EP, 2015)​

  • Song for the Peace (single, 2017)​

  • Craft Lamp (single, 2018)​

  • Raven Tales (LP, 2020)​


All of our music you can explore in services like a iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, BandCamp etc.


Current Members

Andrew «Raven» Mitchell - vocals.

Kirill «Garuda» Fedoseev - drums

Boris «Britva» Korneev - 1st guitar

Daniel «The Weedpecker» Vedenin - 2nd guitar

Pavel «PaulBox» Korobitsyn - bass guitar


Alexander “Padre” Ivanov - bass guitar (2012-2017)

Victoria Esenina - keys (2013)

Dmitry Fadeev - bass guitar (2011-2012)


P.S. We truly love them, thats why we’d placed them here.

Oh! You’re still here? So also we have lots of great stuff like:



-A microphone that flashes in the misty darkness

-Outstanding microphone stand

-Back-vocal microphone stolen from karaoke by a drunk 2nd-guitarist

-Fap-fap white vintage semi-hollow body guitar that never stays in tune (Ooops - He bought an 8th-string Jericho)

-Bassist’s long hair, attractive as a blue-eyed blonde (Hah, now he's shaved bald)

Rock on! Truly yours, Strange Melizma

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